Sky Bird Travel Agency

The brief of this project is how can sky bird (travel agency) persuade people to visit Queens in NYC in various poster ads. 

What's the best way to showcase Queens, NY in a poster without pictures? 


Easy, Queens, NY is the most diverse place in the world and people from all corners of the world bring their unique cultures with them. And this what makes Queens amazing and life here is full of colors with so much to offer and to explore!



Since Queens is the most diverse place on earth filled with colors, I came up with an abstract design through shapes and colors that are very eye-catching to the people.

The basic shapes that I designed are an influence of what queens might represent by using large shapes to make one type of logo design. So I came up with different basic squares and rectangles and combining them to make a whole pattern design and also tried perspective illustrations of shapes with very high contrast colors to get the viewer’s attention.


Because I think it represents Queens very well with buildings being close to one another either through homes or stores/deli.

Kurt Juanillo

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