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Concept Design 

This is a project that I did during my summer (2020) internship at Harrison & Star and pitches it to the team. 

Masks have now become a way of life for us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Fauci, Director of the NIAID, and a 1962 Holy Cross graduate, shameless plug :), says we should wear masks when we are outside amongst others. And, a review of the efficacy around face masks proves that wearing face masks significantly reduces the spread of the virus.

The downside of masks is that they cover our faces. When 90% of communication is non-verbal, masks can impede our ability to let people know we're happy or sad or frustrated. Our challenge is to create a mask that lets others know how we're feeling even though 1/2 our face is covered

The Main Idea 

A cult of creativity concealed yet revealed

The Facemask

This is no ordinary facemask, this facemask will make you wanna wear it everywhere/anytime and you can wear it in style. Digital facemask has many great features that'll make your life easier. It has a Bluetooth connection so you can connect your phone to your mask and it will also automatically download the app once you paired the mask with your phone. 

The app will let you change the color of the mask depending on your mood, write messages across your mask and you can also put your favorite emoji's on display. The app will also tell when it's time to change the mask filter for safer use. And lastly the facemask comes with USB power cable so you can charge your facemask overnight or when your not using it.

facemask sketch.png
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